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Chapter 54 Meeting Notes: July 2017

Minutes of the monthly meetings are provided here for the convenience of those unable to attend the meetings, and are not to be considered official Chapter records. Only those documents produced and retained by the Chapter Secretary are official. Minutes are posted in the month that they are taken, not the month that they are read and approved. The list of those present is inclusive, and may include non-members and guests.

Chapter 54 Meeting Minutes: July, 2017

Date: July 13, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: WHRO Studios, Norfolk, VA

The meeting called to order at 1:00 PM by Chairman Richard Dyer


June meeting minutes were read by Secretary Billy Harrison.

Committee Reports(s): Treasurers Report: Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Kimberly Beeman Disbursements and receipts: A purchase was made from Orapax Catering in the amount of $148.33 for July’s lunch paid for by the chapter out of petty cash.
The check card would not work had to use petty cash.
A check card purchase was made in the amount of $70.17 from The Silver Gallery for the 2017 SBE Chapter 54 Engineer of the Year award.
A deposit in the amount of $585.80 was made to the chapter account from SBE National for Chapter 54’s rebate for 2018.
A purchase made from petty cash from Food Lion for $31.71 for sodas, waters and cookies. Again the check card would not work had to use petty cash.
After checking into the Chapter account from Wells Fargo, it was determined that our account was compromised with a $1.15 charge.
They have credited back our account and canceled the current debit card and will be issuing the Chapter a new credit/debit card.
Balance in Chapter Accounts:
Checking: $2776.64
Petty Cash: $64.01
Total Chapter Assets: $2840.65

SBE National: The annual election of the national SBE Board of Directors begins July 24 and runs through August 23.
Half of the director seats (6) and all of the officer positions (4) are being contested. Watch for your e-ballot in your email on July 24 or,
if you opted out of electronic balloting, your paper ballot will be mailed to you on the 24th and you should have it within a few days.
The SBE EAS Advisory Group is monitoring the FCC-proposed Blue Alert. The SBE encourages broadcasters to weigh in on the issue by using the
FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System for docket PS 15-94. For more information, see the article at the SBE website, www.sbe.org, under “News and Headlines.”

EAS: Charles Stutsman discussed the new EAS network

Certification: No report

Frequency Coordination: No Report

Web: No report

Membership: No report

Old Business: Kim Beeman is working on sustaining membership payments.

New Business: Greg Lesko discussed an upcoming Hampton Public Service meeting concerning Hurricane Exercise. August 5 AM.

Richard Dyer mentioned a technical job opening at TCC.

Charles Stutsman volunteered to be the new program chairman

Program: Virginia Power safety training video.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55PM.

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