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Chapter 54 Meeting Notes: January 2017

Minutes of the monthly meetings are provided here for the convenience of those unable to attend the meetings, and are not to be considered official Chapter records. Only those documents produced and retained by the Chapter Secretary are official. Minutes are posted in the month that they are taken, not the month that they are read and approved. The list of those present is inclusive, and may include non-members and guests.

Chapter 54 Meeting Minutes: January 12, 2017

Date: January 12, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: WHRO Studios, Norfolk, VA

The meeting called to order at 1:05 PM by President Richard Dyer

December meeting minutes were read by Chapter Secretary, Billy Harrison.

Committee Reports(s):
Treasurers Report was given by Chapter Treaurer, Kimberly Beeman
Disbursements and receipts:
The meeting for the month of January held on the 12th is sponsored and lunch is directly
paid for by Frank Grundstein of Logitek.
There are no other receipts for this month.
Balance in Chapter Accounts:
Checking: $2424.21
Petty Cash: $244.05
Total Chapter Assets: $2668.26

SBE National: SBE Webinar RF Systems. National Awards Richard discussed nominating Chapter 54 for Day of Learning in November. Local Engineer of the year is due in May and National Engineer of the year is due in June.

EAS: No Report

Certification: No report

Frequency Coordination: No frequency coordinator as of yet.

Web: Web site was upgraded to 2017 EAS information.

Membership: Chris Gennefesen reported 56 members, 17 who are certified.

Old Business: None

New Business None

Program: Frank Grundstein, Director of Sales, at Logitek, makers of Audio routers
and consoles for radio and television. His presentation will be as follows:
IP Protocols for Audio and Video
A Networking Update
IP Audio Networks have become the accepted method for new facility construction.
Video over IP is gaining traction fast. For Audio, we have the universally adopted
AES-67 transport standard; the AES-70 not so widely adopted control protocol,
but still no discovery protocol. For Video, there are, at this moment, an alphabet soup
of 7 industry groups proposing various solutions for Video over IP.
Where do we stand and how do we know what to do if we are thinking about a facility renovation?
We’ll review the current state of IP for Audio and Video, see where the paths intersect and
maybe find a Unified Field Theory for IP for broadcast.

Frank Grunstein
Sales 800-231-5870
Office 610-353-1970

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 PM.

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