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Chapter 54 Meeting Notes: February 2016

Minutes of the monthly meetings are provided here for the convenience of those unable to attend the meetings, and are not to be considered official Chapter records. Only those documents produced and retained by the Chapter Secretary are official. Minutes are posted in the month that they are taken, not the month that they are read and approved. The list of those present is inclusive, and may include non-members and guests.

Chapter 54 Meeting Minutes: February 2016

Date: February 11, 2016

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: WHRO Studios, Norfolk, VA

The meeting called to order at 1:02 PM by Chairman John Heimerl.


January meeting minutes were read by Charles Stutsman.

Committee Reports(s):
Treasurers Report was given by Treasurer, Kimberly Beeman.
Disbursements and receipts:
The meeting for the month of February that was held on the 11th
was sponsored and lunch was directly paid for by John Ahern of Comlab Company.
There was a check card purchase in the amount of $98.00 for the webinar
for January’s meeting.
Balance in Chapter Accounts:
Checking: $2283.82
Petty Cash: $244.05
Total Chapter Assets: $2527.87

SBE National:. National & Web report were combined concerning Ted Hand.

EAS:. John Heimerl read the EAS report. EAS tests are now on the website.
Dave Morgan from WTAR reported that the National NPT test will be at 2:00 PM
on February 24. John asked Dave to give a general explanation of
PEP (Primary Entry Point) stations. Dave gave the overview saying that WTAR
is the PEP for this market and that WGH is the LP1 and WAFX is LP2 which is back online.

Certification: No Report

Frequency Coordination: John read a report from Gary Becknell that Harris Corporation
has requested frequency coordination for 2071.1136 to be used at Wallops Island for
Satellite control. This is in addition to the 3 other 2GHz frequencies already requested.

Web: The web and national reports were combined as John Heimerl announced that Ted Hand will
be stepping down as SBE National Board Secretary at the end of his present term.
He will continue as SBE Chapter 54 Web Master.

National: National Office sent notice of the third Webinar on Network troubleshooting on February 23

Membership: No report

New Business: Richard Siff announced that Dr. Vahala called hill and asked
if his Amateur Radio club could do their presentation for up to 600 high school
students coming February 19 and 20 who may become ODU students next September.
Richard Dryer will also do a presentation on careers in the broadcast field.
Ray Lens and Dave Morgan mentioned that radio stations will soon be required
to put their public file on the FCC website like television did a few years ago.
The report and order has already been issued and will take effect 30 days after publication.
The VAB will do a seminar on it soon.

Program: John Ahem gave a presentation on how SNMP can be used to monitor and
control equipment at the transmitter site from the studio and elsewhere.
He was showcasing Comlab, a division of Davicom.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 PM.

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