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Chapter 54 Meeting Notes: May 2014

Minutes of the monthly meetings are provided here for the convenience of those unable to attend the meetings, and are not to be considered official Chapter records. Only those documents produced and retained by the Chapter Secretary are official. Minutes are posted in the month that they are taken, not the month that they are read and approved. The list of those present is inclusive, and may include non-members and guests.

Chapter 54 Meeting Minutes: May 2014

Date: May 8, 2014

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: WHRO Studios, Norfolk, VA

The meeting called to order at 1:05 PM by Chairman Ray Lenz.


April Meeting Minutes were read by Secretary Billy Harrison.

Committee Reports(s):

Treasurerís Report was given by Treasurer Kimberly Beeman

Disbursements and receipts:
The meeting for the month of April was held on the 22nd. It was sponsored and the lunch was directly paid for by Karl Kuhn of Tektronix.
A check card purchase in the amount $26.32 was made from Walmart for sodas.
Balance in Chapter Accounts:
Checking: $2870.42
Petty Cash: $244.05
Total Chapter Assets: $3,114.47

SBE National: No Report

EAS: No Report

Certification: Discussion of how to promote SBE certification for chapter members .

Frequency Coordination: Blossom point is in testing phase.
The DOD at the Blossum Point satellite facility in Maryland to use frequencies in the 2GHz BAS band for a planned August 2014 uplink transmission.
The RFI at 500' in the Hampton Roads south-side area is calculated to be at least -80dBm down. This information was forwarded to all local TV stations on 3/31/2014.

Web: Nothing to report

Membership: Nothing to report

New Business: Engineer of the Year Voting

Program: Martin Holmes (VP of Technology) of Snell Group presented "Virtualized TV Broadcast Playout.".
He said he would like to return in five years to discuss the changes in video standards.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm.

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