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Chapter 54 Meeting Notes: January 2014

Minutes of the monthly meetings are provided here for the convenience of those unable to attend the meetings, and are not to be considered official Chapter records. Only those documents produced and retained by the Chapter Secretary are official. Minutes are posted in the month that they are taken, not the month that they are read and approved. The list of those present is inclusive, and may include non-members and guests.

Chapter 54 Meeting Minutes: January 2014

Date: January 9th, 2014

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: WHRO Studios, Norfolk, VA

Meeting called to order by Chairman Ray Lenz at 1:02 p.m.


December minutes were read by Ernie Warinner.

Committee Report(s):

Treasurer's Report was given by Treasurer Kim Beeman.
December's lunch was paid for directly by Paulo Fernando
Check card in the amount of $19.45 was used to purchased drinks from Food Lion.
Checking Balance: $3,042.27
Petty Cash: $259.05
Total Chapter Assets: $3,301.32

EAS: Paul Campbell was not present but Ray Lenz let everyone know that the last RWT
from WGH had not aired. Also the National Weather Service was off the air due to an antenna malfunction.

Frequency Coordination: Gary Becknell reported that Hampton City Public Schools was using
BAS channel 1,not Hampton University as previously reported. Wallops Island - NASA,
continues to use the BAS 2 GHz channel that WVEC is on for satellite communications
testing and there is Radar testing 200 miles off the coast with the same
frequency that WVEC operates in the BAS band.

Membership: No report

Certification: No report

Web: No report

National: John Heimerl reports that everything is quite on the national front and he is planning a visit to
the Blue Ridge Chapter in March.

Announcements: Charlie Farr stated he was looking for permanent employment.
Ray Lenz moved the date for the February meeting due to all the scheduling conflicts at WHRO.
The next meeting will be February 6th, 2014 at WHRO.
Ray offered tours after the meeting for those interested.
Gary Becknell asked that everyone update the records on the site for Radio STLís, Wireless Mics, etc.

Program: Fred Gleason, Chief Developer with Paravel Systems discussed the Rivendell Radio Automation systems.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:30p.m.

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