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Senior Studio Engineer- WHRO seeks an engineer with an AS degree in Electronics or Equivalent, with six (6) or more years experience
in a related field. Must not be visually or physically handicapped, must be on call 7 days a week and must have a valid driver's license.
This position is responsible for the following Studio equipment associated with TV, DTV, and FM.

TV Requirements

Maintain and repair studio Automation Systems.
Maintain and repair studio Production facilities Including Digital Production switcher, Character Generators and Cameras.
Maintain and repair studio production audio equipment including Mixers, compressors, limiters and Hybrids.
Maintain and repair studio Earth station digital receivers.
Maintain and repair studio Tape machines including DVC, Beta SP Beta SX DVC pro, HD DVC and Solid State Drive (SSD) Recorders.
Maintain and repair studio Editing Systems including Final Cut Pro.
Maintain and repair studio Video Storage servers including Online, Near-line and Archive digital Storage Servers.
Maintain and repair Intercom Communication systems.
Advanced Local Area Network design and operational knowledge is mandatory. This includes Routers, switches, and advanced security knowledge.

DTV Requirements

Maintain and repair SD and HD Encoders, PSIP Software and Hardware and Electronic Program Guide Software.
Maintain and repair Digital encoding Software.
Maintain and repair Digital Fiber optic equipment
Maintain and repair Digital routing switchers, production switchers and various digital converters.
Systems integration and implementation experience for future growth required.

FM Requirements

Maintain and repair Automation systems.
Maintain and repair Earth Station Network digital Receivers and operating software.
Maintain and repair audio production suits including Mixers, Hybrids, compressors, limiters and server storage devices.

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